PLEASE READ: It is a requirement that you read the content of this page before ordering a QHHT® session with me.


A "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" session costs 2900,- NOK (norwegian kroner). This includes a digital audio recording of the session which is sent to you by email after the session. 

-Please try to avoid ordering many weeks or months in advance (especially during summer). The best is 3-10 days prior to the date you wish to have as your session day. It makes it much easier for me to confirm whether you can come on that day or not. It's difficult to say if I am going to be home on a certain date if it's weeks ahead. PS! As a rule I do not facilitate sessions on Saturdays and Sundays but i might make exceptions for Sundays in special cases.

-You must be over 18 years old and it has to be your own choice and decision to want to have a session. You can not have someone sit in on the session with you (exceptions to this rule can be made if special circumstances). If someone accompanies you to your session they will have to wait somewhere else during the session and come back for you when we are finished. 


A session normally takes 4-5 hours (+/-). PS! Meet up for your session at 10.00 am (in the morning). 

During the session we are going to explore one or more of your past lives while you are in a relaxed state of trance. It is similar to deep meditation except in this case you are in a hypnotic trance as well. The brain wave frequency is lowered to a deep Alpha and/or Theta level. It's almost like being awake and asleep at the same time. After the exploration of past lives we establish a connection with your Higher Self in order for it to answer your questions and also scan your body and heal anything that you are ready to let go of. Your Higher Self is always  with you because you are a part of it. It wants to help you. During a session it will be more strongly connected to you than usual, which enables you to channel the information from it through you when you allow it. It's like aligning your state of being to a higher level of consciousness and let it communicate with us. The Higher Self is a fantastic energy that knows everyhing about you and all the lives you have ever lived. It protects you and never judges you. It's pure love.  

Your intention for the session is very important. When you have decided to have a session, your Higher Self will begin preparing you so that you can have the most beneficial session relevant to your intention, life situation and spiritual development. Your conscious mind needs to be reminded to take a back seat and trust that the driver (your HS) knows exactly what you need to experience.   

I protect your privacy! I will never give away any information about you to a third party. The only things that I am keeping for my own records are your intake form and a copy of the recording. I may also keep our email correspondence for a period of time. The only reason for telling me things about yourself and your life is because of the work we do on that day. After this it has no interest for me anymore. Everything stays between you and me. No matter who you are and what your story is, I guarantee that you are going to be treated with kindness and respect. I never judge anyone!  

Clients are not allowed to make their own audio recording. Mobile phones or any other recording device must be turned completely off during sessions. 


1 - PREPARATIONS (1-2 hours):

-Pretalk which include going through your list of questions. This is done to clarify the background and reason for each question. (Prepare a list of questions to bring with you. Spend some time thinking about what you want to ask about. There are some example questions further down this page to help you get an idea of what type of questions you could ask.)

-Interview where you tell me more about yourself, why you have come and what you would like to get out of the session (intention). In order for the session to become as beneficial to you as possible, I need to get a picture of who you are and what made you become the person you are today (personal history including main events and characters). I also ask about things like education, work, hobbies, family, physical/mental/emotional discomforts, ailments and illness.

-The last thing we do before beginning with the actual session, is that I go through some important information and instructions about the session with you.


You are going to be guided to a level of deep relaxation that sharpens your senses (hypnosis). We are working on a somewhat deeper level than with traditional forms of regression therapy, but because the level of trance can vary from person to person this is individual. It's not a factor to determine whether a session was  successful or not (it isn't about that at all). Your experience will always reflect your needs and what you are ready for. Even under lighter levels of trance most people are able to sense and describe the impressions they get. Scenes can be from past or parallel lives or even your present life. It can also be scenes from a totally different plane of existence, with or without a physical body or form (forms of energy, mineral, plant, animal or alien life form). The session part usually takes about 2 hours more or less (Higher Self part included). 

PS! It can sometimes be experiences that wasn't yours but something your soul chose as an imprint for you in this incarnation. You could say that it's like borrowing someone else's experience in order to gain something from it. If you believe that it wasn't yours, you could be correct. Experiences can be shared memories from all sorts of life forms or existences. What's important is that it serves its purpose as intended for you.


Afterwards we spend a little time to talk about your session. How your overall experience was and also highlights or important information from the different scenes or parts of the session. I also give you some advice to take with you to help you benefit as much as possible from the session.


HAVE ENOUGH TIME! Don't have anything you must do later in the day that might make you stressed about time. We never know how long the session will be. It can even be more than 6 hours (but also less than 4). It is very important for you to be able to relax as much as possible. Remember this when we make the appointment. 

CLOTHES: I recommend that you wear comfortable clothes. During the session you are laying on a mattress so that you are able to move freely and relax as much as possible. I have pillows and blankets for you to choose from and also a duvet. 

FOOD AND DRINK: Be sure to have eaten a proper meal in the morning. If you don't and travel for some time to get here, it can be a very long time to go without food. Therefore, bring with you something simple to eat (i.e. fruit, nuts, baguette, salad.). You can eat when you arrive, during the pretalk or when we take a break (before we begin the induction). Water is available in the room.

Please avoid drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks 2-3 hours prior to session! Caffeine is not a good idea if you want to be able to relax fully. It's okay to have 1 cup of coffee early in the morning if it's not any closer than 2 hours to your appointment time (usually 10.00 am). 

You must NOT drink alcohol or use any form of drugs prior to your session. During the pretalk I want you to be able to fully understand everything that we go through about the session so that you can have the best possible experience.

A common question people have is if everyone can be hypnotized. This is what Dolores Cannon had to say about that: 

"The power of belief is strong. If you have doubts about your ability to be hypnotized, then there is a chance you won't to let yourself go very deep. If you understand what hypnosis is, knows that you are in control and feel safe in the company of a certified practitioner, your level of comfort will tell you if you are going to let yourself be hypnotized. Everyone can be hypnotized if they want to and feel safe."

RECOMMENDATION: Eat healthy and drink plenty of water in the days prior to your session. This can greatly improve cell function and the body's ability to shift between consciousness levels. As a part of your preparations I also recommend that you practice bringing up memories and using your senses. You can do this by closing your eyes and think about a place, situation or event that you remember or you can just imagine something. First, begin breathing deeply into your abdomen a few times (through your nose). Every time you exhale (through your mouth), feel how you are getting more and more relaxed. Let go of any tensions that you have on the inside and outside of your body. Then bring up a memory or imagine a scene. Notice all the details in what your are sensing and feeling (images, smells, sounds, taste, emotions).

PARKING: Please do not park your car outside the apartment. Use the housing cooperative's parking space. Look for the sign that says "Gjesteparkering Langåsen borettslag". It's about 100 meters to walk. Call me if you need driving directions. I can also meet you at the parking space if you want me to.   

PS! If you arrive by buss or train in the city I can come and pick you up by the bus stop or train station. I can also give you a lift back again after the session. For this service I charge only 100,- NOK extra. That is much cheaper than taking a taxi. If you consider walking it will take you at least half an hour. Please let me know in advance if you want this service.


Make a list of questions about the things you would like to know the answer to, having to do with your life/existence. It can be anything. If you wish to receive healing for specific ailments or illnesses, write it on your list as well. There is no rule for how many questions you can have. In my experience, 5-12 questions is the best. If you have more or fewer questions than that, it's alright. When people have a long list of questions, some of them are usually almost the same or has to do with something that you already got the answer to. I can't guarantee that you get any or all of your questions answered. It depends on many factors. Trust that it will be as it is meant to be.     

A tip is to have your most important questions at the beginning of your list. Questions about ailments and healing can preferably be gathered as one question with bullet points of the different ailments under it. Then we can ask relevant questions about each of them (what the problem is, why it's there and if it can be healed etc.). The list should only contain a numbered list of questions. NOT keywords, explanations or sentences without a question in it, that I would have to spend time interpreting or formulating as questions for you! You will get the chance to comment on the background of every question when we go through the them together. If the list is handwritten by you, please ensure that it is perfectly readable for anyone to read. TIP: The best questions are the ones that gives a telling answer (not yes or no answers).    

Do not send me the questions in advance. Bring it with you and hand it to me when we meet. 

Example questions:

-Why did I choose this incarnation?
-What is my life purpose?
-Which ability and/or interest do I have that can take me closer to my mission in this life?
-I have a difficult relationship with _ _ _ (person). Why and how can it be solved?
-Of people that I know and have known before, who has helped my spiritual growth the most?
-Once I had a weird (dream, feeling, event). What happened and why?
-What is the best thing I can do to advance my spiritual development?
-I have always had a great interest in (thing, subject). What is the reason for that?
-Is it possible to meet my guardian angel/spirit guide and if so, can you arrange for that now?
-Ever since _ _ _, I have had a _ _ _ (disability/ailment/problem). Why and can you help me?
-Why did I have to experience _ _ _ (situation, event)?
-Repeating theme/challenge (describe): Why is this and what is it that I must learn?
-I wish I could _ _ _, but I feel something is hindering me. What is blocking me regarding this?

In addition, I would recommend that you set a clear intention for what it is you wish to accomplish with your session. Decide for this as soon as possible so that your Higher Self can begin preparing you right now. As soon as you have decided to have a session and has set your intention, every prerequisite is in place for your session to be a good experience in regard to receiving the answers and healing you seek. Don't be surprised by positive changes and improvements happening while you are waiting to have your session. Be aware of dreams, meaningful coincidences and synchronicities that might manifest.  

"To make things even better for yourself, I also advice you to cultivate a complete and loving trust in your Higher Self. That way you are already taking a step out of the 3-dimensional way of thinking, like: "Is it going to work? Am I going to succeed or fail? Will I be satisfied or not?", and move towards a higher 4D frequency where you accept everything without judging it, or even a 5D frequency where you are going to love and value your experience no matter what it becomes. This will help your own and other people's higher aspects to be supportive and work with you in the session." 


In the videos below Dolores Cannon is talking about the unique regression technique that she herself developed and perfected over a 40-year period. Watch both videos. Please let go of any specific expectations you might have about how your session is going to be. We can never know what the Higher Self wants us to experience, have answers to and be healed of. It is always an individual experience. Not everyone has fantastic and miraculous things happening in their session, similar to stories in Dolores' books. Even little things can greatly affect your life because it is FOR YOU! Don't paint your canvas in advance. Allow it to be blank and let the picture form as the session unfolds. (Higher Self is being referred to as "The Subconscious" or "CS" in the videos.)    



Please don't expect miracles to happen even if it is fully possible! I am not healing you. I am helping you heal yourself. Healing can happen by itself when you realize- or let go of something. Your Higher Self or other spiritual entities can also initiate and perform healing when it is appropriate. "They or it" (your HS) decide if, when, how and to what degree healing is performed. My role is to be the facilitator for your session. 

Some things are allowed to be healed and some might not. It depends on what the cause is and whether you have agreed to experience it in order to learn something. If you have learned the lesson you have no longer any use for it and it can be healed. Free will overrules everything which means that you must want it and allow it. Should the symptom be a manifestation of an "unhealthy" habit or thought pattern/belief system, you will have to work on yourself and change what caused it to manifest. If you manage to do that and heal, make sure not to fall back to "old sins" or the symptom is going to come back. If you experience something during the session that makes you see and understand why you have a symptom, then it no longer needs to be there as a reminder and you can let go of it. That means it can be healed completely and permanently. Healing can happen in an instant but it can also happen over time. Some things can get only partially healed. Healing will not be granted if you have chosen to live with an illness or disability. If a person wants to be sick without wanting to admit it, they will block any attempts of healing it. Healing is only possible if you want it.

Surrogate sessions: It is possible to help someone that you have a close relationship to by acting as a surrogate for them (without the person being present). It may be appropriate in cases where someone because of serious illness, disability, age, economy or other reasons, is not able to travel or have a session themselves. The person must have agreed to this. The exceptions are your own children (if under the legal age) and persons that are not capable of expressing such a wish themselves. In the case of the latter, they can have a surrogate session being done ONLY if a close caretaker is convinced that the person would have wanted it or will benefit from it. 


When clients come out of trance they usually remember just about everything. Being in trance is very similar to having dreams which is why memories can or will begin to fade away after the session. Even if clients are deeply relaxed during the session, it happens that they wrongly believe they are not hypnotized. Our senses are actually enhanced and sharpened. We get more focused and alert which enables us to become aware of the impressions that we get. Feeling present, conscious and aware is normal and will not diminish the outcome and value of the session. Hypnosis is not anaesthesia. It is not uncommon to have doubts about the information, answers and healing that was given. ACCEPT AND BELIEVE that you got what was meant for you and that nothing was random or just a coincidence. It was exactly what you needed and was ready for. Remember that your imagination is the KEY to the subconscious mind and all the knowledge and wisdom of your soul.  

It is highly recommended that you listen to your session recording! The sooner you do the better it is. That is especially true if you have doubts or didn't understand the message in something you where shown or told. Listening to the recording will enhance everything about your experience and help you to get new insights and integrate the information and healing you were given each time you listen to it.

Take notice of your dreams the following days after your session (usually 3 days). During this "window" it will be easier for your Higher Self to reach through to you and communicate with you. It could be that you need some time to process things and especially when something meaningful has happened in a short amount of time. There could be important information for you that you don't want to miss.

PS! Use headphones or earbuds when listening to your recording so you can clearly hear what is said. 

Certificate image: My qualifications are QHHT level 2.

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"You cannot define yourself in reference to other external coordinates, You must define yourself internally with a relationship with a higher entity. Think of yourself as a manifiestation of some higher 'thing', some higher frequency, This is the visible realization. And you know that because you can’t see atoms can you? You certainly can’t see the forces that hold atoms together. There in the micro quantum world, lie the answer to everything! We can't understand it with our logical rational minds, but we feel it, intuitively. Get yourself in alignment with that stuff and you will beam like the sun!” ~Russel Brand