In a QHHT session everything is possible! Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique past life regression and healing technique developed by Dolores Cannon many years ago. The popularity increases all over the world mainly because of the vast number of books Dolores has written based on information from her sessions with clients. Then of course, also the miraculous healings that are taking place. There is a lot of good reasons for having a QHHT session because it's so much more than the “just” the healing. It is also a great way to be able to find answers to everything one would want to know about oneself or anything else in our existence. We never know what our Higher Self has planned for us to experience but it is always exactly what we need and are meant to experience. It is what is important for us right now. The Higher Self (or Subconscious as Dolores called it) is an aspect of us that has a much higher consciousness. It knows everything about us. From its higher perspective it sees the whole picture and it is always willing to help us because it wants what is best for us. It is an energy of pure love. In a relaxed state of trance we are able to experience what the Higher Self wants us experience and also let it come through and communicate with us.

A QHHT session story

This session story is the complete summary from one of the past lives that my client experienced during a QHHT session. The client was a man in his early twenties, originally from Colombia. Here it goes:

"I am living in a hyper modern big city with flying cars and skyscrapers. It's one of the biggest cities. I am looking at it from a room in one of the tall buildings. The room is extremely large and it has a very high ceiling. It's about 30-40 feet high. One whole side of the room is an enormous window. The city and the land beyond has a hint of blueish shimmer to it. The sky is so blue that the air also looks blue.

I am a young man. I have nothing on my feet. My clothes are nice looking. They change color between forrest green and sky blue. It's like a uniform that comes with shoes but I like walking barefoot. It also comes with a hat. I am not wearing any jewelry. Nobody wears anything with metal to their body. It's not natural for us because it's dead material. All our clothes are made of things that grow and that's why it can change color. It's organic and living.

I am thinking a lot. I am concerned about the city and our society. I believe that a flood is coming and that it is going to destroy us. I can feel it but I don't know what I can do. It's something wrong with our society that will make it impossible to go on like this. Some people share my concern but very few among the members of the board do. They deny that our society is about to go under and that we have become arrogant. I am one of the board members.

We have exploited the planet by mining for resources from deep inside it in order to build our society. To make ourselves richer. Everything must be bigger, better, faster and more beautiful. We have become greedy. There's a lot of earthquakes and our seismologists doesn't understand why. I know because we have triggered something inside the earth. We have been digging to deep."

Can you tell me what time period you live in? "We don't see time as you do but this was a very long time ago. At least two cycles. (One great cycle of the Mayan calendar is 5,130 years.) The continents looked different then." Does this continent have a name? "Yes, it's called Valantis."

What do you do most of your time? "I am sitting in council meetings. It's like a political board. I am on two boards. I've just become a member of the small one that have 12 members. We each have different areas of responsibility. It's similar to how ministers have responsibility for different areas of society in your time. We are the leadership. When I am attending meetings with the bigger board, we are voting for different things. We each have our own booth on the wall to sit in. Our city is the capital of the whole world. I take part in ruling the city but I am also on the world council. I am what you could call a spiritual leader for the religion that we have."

What can you tell me about your religion? "It's a totalitarian religion. We have a form of priesthood. Everyone must do confession. Our God is a very strict God. The conception we have of our God is of a very big and physical man. It's the same God that the Greeks knew as Zeus. During this time he was the main God. The God of everything. He sends thunder and lightning from the sky. The Vikings knew him as Thor. We just called him 'The God' because we didn't want to name him."

I now move him to the next important day. What do you see? "Everything is destroyed. We have built ourselves a cave in a mountain. It's a survival room. Everything exploded. Earthquakes, flood and rain. This mountain is the most stable in the world. It's not very high but very solid so it didn't sink. It was like the rest of the world just swirled around it. Who are there with you? My family and a couple of other families with people who where members of the big council. I knew when I was standing in that big room in the skyscraper that it was going to happen soon. I managed to alert the others and then we flew to the shelter in the mountain and sealed the door. We had prepared for this so we already had food and other supplies there, but we can't survive for very long because we need sunlight to feel well and stay healthy. We could live there only for a few weeks. When we came out from the cave, we saw that everything was destroyed. The land had been flooded and sunk into the sea, but also exploded and scattered around like it had been hit by nuclear bombs from below the surface. What happened to the people that didn't go with you? They were all killed but I suppose it is possible that a few could have survived like we have."

I move him again to a new important day. What do you see? "The vegetation is growing again. The trees have fruit on them. We have built small societies but we need to get the population up. It's now been decades since the destruction of our land. Where are you living now? Not so far away from the cave we had in the mountain. We have sealed the entrance and sworn never to tell anyone about it. The technology in there must never be found because it was that which ultimately lead to the destruction of Valantis. We used that knowledge and technology to build the cave."

How would you describe life there now in comparison to Valantis? "It's very primitive. At first our intention was to farm but we found that it was much easier to just pick and eat the things that already was growing there. We live on wild fruit and berries. What is the climate like there? In the beginning it was very cold but just in a matter of weeks it got warmer and warmer. Now it's about 20-25 degrees Celsius every day."

Next important day: "I am lying on a bed. I am old and about to die soon. Together with my family I am laying the foundation for the future society. We share a hidden past which they must continue to preserve fragments from. The knowledge and wisdom that we had. But it has to be done behind closed doors." What are your thoughts about the life you have lived? "There have been great changes but I am glad that everything was reset. That we could start over. I loved living a primitive and simple life in direct contact with nature. It provided us with all the things that we needed. Even so, it's been a dramatic life and now I am tired."

No matter what happened, it has now happened and you are on the other side of it. From there you can look back at that life from a different perspective. What did you learn from it? "That I must not be so naive. Things could have been stopped but I was naive and didn't want to distrust people, but luckily I wasn't that naive because some people got to survive because of me."

Now think about your present life; what do you think being shown this life is supposed to tell you? "That I must think practically. Even if we are divine, we have to play by the rules as long as we are stuck here." Okay, anything else? "I can think good about people but it doesn't mean that I have to accept the things they do. I will always have memories and fragments of knowledge from that life with me, which will help me to recognize things. I know how they got the pyramids to fly, stone by stone. It was the same technology that we had." How does that work? "It has to do with the atoms. We had technical devices that magnified and channeled our thoughts. We used psychic energy."


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